Friday, November 17, 2017

JUSTICE LEAGUE Trailer Content Cut from the Film

It's no secret that Justice League, credited to director Zack Snyder, actually underwent some substantial changes in post-production under the guidance of Joss Whedon. It has also been reported that WB executive Kevin Tsujihara mandated a 2 hour runtime. So all of this means that scenes were certainly cut or replaced, and even scenes in the movie may have been trimmed down for pacing and runtime.

Many rumors swirl around the WB/DC movies, especially one as highly anticipated as Justice League, but rather than focusing on rumors, it is more concrete to look at the official trailers that were released over the past year and compare that to the theatrical version of the film. The video below contains all the shots and dialogue that were present in trailers but absent from the finished film. This is based on my memory having seen it twice, so although I think it's quite accurate and comprehensive, I can't guarantee that I caught everything.

One thing to keep in mind is that some of these cuts were just specific shots from a scene that was in the film. But other cuts seem to imply that whole scenes were removed. The scene-level ones that I miss the most are Victor Stone before the accident, Barry Allen with the glass, and Bruce talking about his dream.

In addition to the trailer content that was cut, I personally was also disappointed that what Ciaran Hinds described about Steppenwolf wanting to get out from under the oppressive rule of his nephew, Darkseid, was absent from the film, too.

Here's hoping for an extended cut on the blu-ray!


  1. Sam, I really appreciate how you champion Snyder's vision of the DCEU. (And we also have very similar political views.) Against my better judgement I am starting to believe that this bias against the DCEU is more fact than fan theory. I still don't think it is a conspiracy, but negative clickbait is monetized and easier.

  2. "negative clickbait is monetized and easier."

    Except against that other company, for some mysterious reason.

    I stopped watching MARVEL films in theaters for good after Ant-Man, and just for curiosity I watched Civil War and Doctor Strange when they where broadcast in TV. I honestly cannot believe how films like that are still being praised so much, any negative thing you say about them is hammered into obscurity.

    Regardless off what happens in the future, I am glad that we got what we have so far, and I am excited to see JL today.