Monday, February 22, 2021

JLU Scene-by-Scene: Man of Steel Scene 12

 This episode of the Justice League Universe podcast focuses on Scene 12 (flashback to school) of Man of Steel, directed by Zack Snyder.

  • Clark adrift
  • Clark's powers begin to manifest
  • "Swim toward it" [the island]
  •  What's wrong with Clark?

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Sunday, February 21, 2021

DC and Marvel Comic Book Movies: Personal Ratings

Inspired by the Flitecast's full rundown of his opinions on the Marvel Cinematic Universe (in short, he is a fan of nearly all the MCU movies, but he gets frustrated by the segments of Marvel fandom that are "sore winners," and I agree with him), and given that I finally watched Avengers: Endgame a couple months ago, I thought it was a good time to revisit my personal ratings of the Marvel and DC comic book films.

The last time I did this personal ratings rundown, I was attempting to show that, although I prefer DC, I still like most of the MCU films. I use a 10-point rating scale, and for me a 6+ means that I liked the film, and back in 2016 my MCU average was 6.6. So yes, I did at the time like the MCU in general. For DC, my average was 8.1 so my tastes clearly align with that brand more.

Here is my updated graph of personal ratings, from 2008 when the MCU started until 2021 with Wonder Woman 1984. I focus on the DCEU films but in order to even up the numbers a little bit I also included the DC Films from 2008-2012 which were The Dark Knight, Jonah Hex, Green Lantern, and The Dark Knight Rises. Note that I am not adding these films to pad my DC numbers; in fact, my average rating for those 4 films is 7.6, so it is actually pulling down my DC average.

My personal ratings on a 10-point scale of Marvel and DC movies from 2008-2021.