Wonder Woman Analysis

Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins (WB Pictures, DC Films), written by Allan Heinberg, Zack Snyder, and Jason Fuchs (credited) and Patty Jenkins & Geoff Johns (uncredited).
Worldwide Box Office Total: $822 Million (71st biggest movie, 16th biggest superhero movie)

Context and Preparations
Overview of Themes and Character Development
Audio Commentary
Scene 1: Opening at the Louvre
Scene 2: Young Diana on Themyscira
Scenes 3 and 4: History of the Gods, Many gifts
Scenes 5 and 6: Adolescent Diana, Bracelet blast
Scene 7: Diana's dive to save Steve Trevor
Scenes 8 and 9: "You're a man," Battle on the beach
Scenes 10 and 11: Steve's lasso interrogation, Steve's spy mission
Scene 12: Hippolyta and Diana disagree
Scene 13: Diana and Steve at the infirmary
Scene 14: Diana and the tower 
Scene 15: Leaving Themyscira
Scene 16: Sailboat Conversation
Scene 17: Ludendorff and Maru
Scenes 18 and 19: Arriving in London, Clothes shopping
Scene 20: Alleyway fight
Scenes 21 and 22: War Council, New Poison
Scene 23: Diana and the British Generals
Scene 24: Diana and Steve are going anyway
Scene 25: Recruiting Sameer and Charlie
Scene 26: King's Cross Station and the Docks
Scene 27: Ludendorff and Maru Poison the German Leaders
Scene 28: Campsite with Chief 
Scenes 29 and 30: Approaching the Front, In the Trenches
Scene 31: No Man's Land 
Scene 32: Saving the village of Veld
Scenes 33 and 34: Veld Celebration, Calling Sir Patrick
Scene 35: Magical Night
Scenes 36 and 37: Oddfellows on Horseback, Entering the Gala
Scene 38: The Gala
Scenes 39 and 40: Leaving the Gala, Gassed Veld
Scenes 41 and 42: Wonder Woman riding, Ludendorff dying
Scene 43: After Ludendorff
Scenes 44 and 45: Sir Patrick revealed, Oddfellows in position
Scene 46: Ares' villain monologue
Scene 47: Wonder Woman and Ares start their fight
Scenes 48 and 49: Steve's sacrifice, Wonder Woman's love
Scene 50: Ares' aftermath
Scene 51: Trafalgar Square celebration
Scene 52: Wonder Woman in Paris
Special Retrospective: Formula and Favorite Parts of Wonder Woman

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Source: Myself

  • Is war ever worth fighting?
Source: Justice League Universe Podcast Team (@ottensam @raverny @derbykid @wondersyd)
  • Mankind does not deserve saving, but we should save it anyway.
  • Men are more than their baser qualities.
  • We all have hatred and love, anger and compassion… but love and compassion are the more powerful forces.
  • The ugliness in the world comes from mankind following its baser urges.
  • Everyone is fighting his or her own battles, but they still have the potential to do great things.
  • During challenging times, friendship can be a saving force.
  • Men and women are equals.
  • War is nothing to hope for.
  • When you see an injustice, you should do something.
  • Legacy is part of what defines us.
  • How do you love and be heroic in a complex world?
Source: Paraphrasing Patty Jenkins (via blogger set visit and Twitter)
  • The shortcomings and injustices of a society are more readily observable to an outsider than to an insider.
  • Each of us can change the world if we have the strength to take on the challenge.
Source: Chris Pine with DC All Access
  • No matter how ugly this world gets that we live in, no matter how much death we encounter, no matter how many homicidal dictators are out there, no matter how much genocide happens, how many wars happen… there is still hope in the best parts of ourselves to be good and to protect one another and to do right by one another.
Source: Mark Hughes in Forbes
  • Faith is most important precisely when we see no reason to believe anymore.
  • Mercy is most necessary for those who have no other hope except the mercy of others with the power to bestow mercy.


  1. Really enjoying the podcast. Just finished the scene by scene breakdown of Batman V Superman. I really loved the Wonder Woman film, I especially love the WW 1 setting. I started reading up on the war and it is the perfect setting to set her story.

    Wonder Woman and World War 1 history -

    Steve's watch and the importance of time in World War 1

    Wonder Woman at No Man' Land -- and historical references https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/the-wonder-woman-no-mans-land-scene-is-rooted-in_us_59498fcae4b0710bea889a18

    Dr. Poison's mask has a historical basis, artists made them for soldiers disfigured in the war

    The Angel of Mons -- you could see this as how the Wonder Woman story would play out in the world set up in the film past down through stories

    Woman were also seen at the front, so Diana wouldn't be totally out of place, and her outfit was based off the unofficial female uniforms that some women would wear since they didn't have an official one since the British and Americans would have only let them have been a part of the service

    I also loved how Diana encouraged each member of the team, even Charlie who was dealing with shell shock, even if he couldn't be a sniper he was still a valued member of the team to Diana and understood he was important to unit cohesion

  2. The use of color in Wonder Woman https://theplaylist.net/how-wonder-woman-uses-color-20171201/