Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Superman 41: Before Truth (part 1)

Jason Book and I review Superman 41 by Gene Luen Yang and John Romita Jr. The art continues to be uneven (putting it politely), but Gene Yang has picked up the reins nicely from Geoff Johns and looks like he has a great "Before Truth" story arc in store for us.

We especially liked the themes of technology and information that Yang is infusing, the presence of the Daily Planet supporting cast, and the continuing exploration of the new super flare power and its repercussions. It doesn't bother us in the least that this "Before Truth" arc is happening along with the other "Truth" stories even though this arc in Superman will explain how Supes came to be outed by Lois. In fact, the parallel chronologies seems to be making for some good storytelling potency.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

BvS - What do we know and what do we think we know?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is only 9 months away and it is definitely my most anticipated movie of 2016. I happen to be spoiler-friendly in my mentality because I believe the science saying that spoilers actually heighten enjoyment. So I love following the rumors, speculation, and official announcements that come up related to Batman v Superman. But even the spoiler haters should be pretty happy because we really don't know that much about the movie.

Jason Book and I go through the (fairly short) list of things that we know for sure about the movie.

Then we talk about some of the things that seem to be pretty safe to assume about BvS and some of the crazier rumors.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Justice League 41: Darkseid War part one

Jason Book and I discuss the beginning of the Darkseid War, by Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok. We cover Justice League 40, the FCBD sneak peek, and Justice League 41.

It is off to a strong start and looks like it could be the event of the summer for DC Comics (an event without a crossover!).

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Batman 41: Robo-bunny-batman's first adventure

Jason Book and I discuss the first issue of Batman in the new DC You universe, the first issue following the epic Endgame finale, the first chapter in the Superheavy storyline, and the first full issue (after the 8-page prelude on FCBD) with Commissioner Gordon in the robot-batsuit. All of this is wrapped up in Batman 41, by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo.

Overall, it exceeded expectations, and we're wondering if Bruce Wayne is actually back this fast!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Review of Convergence 8

Jason Book and I discuss the full Convergence event from DC Comics.

This event was a bit of a mystery to me. And I don't mean that I was confused by what happened or how it ended... I think I followed that pretty well (SPOILER: Crisis on Infinite Earths originally led to a collapse of the infinite multiverse but now, because of the efforts of Pre-Flashpoint Superman and Parallax, it played out differently and there was no collapse. The complete infinite multiverse still exists, though the universes therein have evolved since Crisis). No, what I was perplexed about was the fact that I really enjoyed the event and many of the tie-ins but when I analyze Jeff King's writing, it is bad on several levels -- bad dialogue, lack of rising action (or extremely rush set-ups), poor payoffs, and a failure to keep an eye on the ball in terms of Brainiac and heroes we connect with. So although I admit this was a poorly executed story, and I nevertheless had a lot of fun going through it in April and May.