Aquaman Analysis

Aquaman, directed by James Wan (WB Pictures, DC Films), written by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, Will Beall, Geoff Johns, and James Wan.
Worldwide Box Office Total: $1,148 Million

Connections to other DCEU Films
Themes and Character Development
Full Audio Commentary
Scene 1: Tom Curry meet Queen Atlanna
Scene 2: The New Family
Scenes 3 & 4: Atlanna fights, Atlanna leaves
Scene 5: Young Arthur at the Aquarium
Scene 6: Jesse and David Kane on the sub 

Themes in Aquaman

Source: Our own Justice League Universe podcast
  • It is false to separate the world into two parts; we are all here together.
  • We should show mercy, even more than we have received ourselves. 
  • People should choose their own future.
  • Humanity has problems but we should still save it.

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