Friday, August 26, 2016

Batman 5: Gotham Girl to the Rescue

Jason Book and I discuss issue 5 of Batman (DC Comics), by Tom King and David Finch. This wraps up the first story arc, "I Am Gotham."

Thus far the first issue may have been the best, so that set up a little bit of unmet expectations, but overall it was a solid story arc. King has established a nice thematic basis about Batman's ability (or not) to always protect Gotham and this issue has a fantastic and memorable scene with Alfred. It also has a significant ending and then a bit of a tease on the final page that Tom King will have to follow up on in future arcs. For me, I'm definitely enjoying the series and I think it's highest heights are still ahead.

Also, check out this Newsarama interview with Tom King where he talks about his future plans for the series. He also reveals that this first arc was not actually about Gotham, as it may have seemed, but was about Gotham Girl next to him, and her origin.

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