Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Superman 48: Kryptonite Chemotherapy

Jason Book and I discuss issue 48 of Superman (DC Comics), written by Gene Yang with art by Howard Porter and Ardian Syaf. This is part of the larger "Savage Dawn" story arc happening in the Superman titles.

This issue picks up from #47 wherein Superman finished up his mythbrawling and captured Hordr_root (Vandal Savage's son) temporarily, and it also stems from Superman Wonder Woman #25 where WW takes Superman to her fellow demigods for healing and moral tests. In #48, Superman and Steve Trevor have a bit of a heart to heart as ex-boyfriends of Wonder Woman, we meet Hordr_root's companion villain the Puzzler, and Superman takes a big but dangerous step toward recovering his powers. You can also see an interview with Gene Yang where he talks about the inspiration for the idea of how Superman will get his powers back. (Some might also enjoy the politician character named Wolfingham who seems strikingly similar to candidate Trump.)

Overall, Jason and I felt that this was a positive step for the Superman book and we're excited to see where it goes for #49 and the big #50.

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