Batman v Superman Analysis

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, directed by Zack Snyder (WB Pictures, DC Films)
Worldwide Box Office Total: $873 Million (59th biggest movie, 11th biggest superhero movie)

Full Commentary on the Extended Cut
Filling in Purported Plot Holes
Recommended Reviews
Scene 1: Waynes' Murder and Bruce's Fall
Scene 2: Bruce's Battle of Metropolis
Scenes 3 & 4: Finding Kryptonite, African tragedy
Scenes 5 & 6: First Senate hearing, Lois and Clark's apartment
Scene 7: Bat branding
Scenes 8 & 9: Bruce and Alfred "Everything's changed," Clark cooking
Scene 10: Meet Lex Luthor
Scenes 11 & 12: Wallace Keefe's vandalism, Daily Planet's reaction
Scene 13: Lex's Wish List
Scenes 14 & 15: Underground fighting, Daily Planet pitch meeting
Scene 16: Senator Finch and the Red Capes
Scenes 17 & 18: Bruce's mausoleum dream, Lois and Swanwick in the restroom 
Scenes 19 & 20: Bruce and Alfred "invited," Bruce leaving for the party
Scene 21: Lex's Party
Scenes 22 & 23: Day of the Dead, Superman montage
Scenes 24 & 25: Lex bails Wallace, Wallace meets Senator Finch
Scene 26: Clark and Perry "1938"
Scene 27: Diana and Bruce at the museum
Scenes 28 & 29: Knightmare sequence, Flash appearance
Scenes 30 & 31: Clark gets mail, Bruce and Alfred "absolute certainty"
Scenes 32 & 33: Perry misses Clark, Lois gives Swanwick the bullet
Scene 34: Batmobile chase
Scene 35: Superman meets Batman
Scenes 36-38: Batcave, Kryptonite delivery, Senator Finch's invitation
Scenes 39-41: Martha Kent, Lois meets Secretary Swanwick, Lex meets Senator Finch
Scene 42: The Capitol Tragedy
Scenes 43-45: Kryptonite stolen, Lois and Superman on the balcony, Lex accesses the ship
Scenes 46-48:  Bruce prepares to fight, Lex prepares Zod's body, Daily Planet concerns
Scenes 49-50: Clark and Jonathan Kent, Bruce in Wayne Manor
Scenes 51-53: Martha abducted, Bat signal, Lois abducted
Scene 54: Lex on the helipad 
Scenes 55-58: Scout ship activated, "No one stays good," Justice League files, Lois's helicopter
Scene 59: The Batman-Superman Fight 
Scene 60: "Martha" 
Scene 61: Batman, Superman, and Lois's Post-Fight Conversation
Scenes 62-63: Batman's warehouse rescue, Lois and the spear
Scene 64:  Superman and Lex in the scout ship
Scenes 65-66: Doomsday and Superman, Diana leaves the plane
Scenes 67-68: Nuclear Missile, Batman and Doomsday
Scenes 69-71: Trinity, Lois and the spear, Batman grapples
Scene 72: Death of Superman
Scenes 73-74: Lex shaved, Clark/Superman funerals
Scenes 75-76: Clark in the grave, Lex in the Reve
BvS Anniversary Special 

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