Suicide Squad Analysis

Suicide Squad, written and directed by David Ayer (WB Pictures, DC Films)
Worldwide Box Office Total: $746 Million

Overview of Themes and Characters
Audio Commentary on the Theatrical Version
Reactions to the Extended Cut
Scenes 1-2: Belle Reve Deadshot and Harley Quinn
Scenes 3-9: Dossier Introductions
Scene 10: Enchantress and the Security Briefing
Scenes 11-13: Waller to Belle Reve, Flag Dissents, Joker's Knife Circle
Scenes 14-16: Griggs and Joker, Enchantress and Incubus, Subway
Scenes 17-19: Activate Task Force X, Van Criss, Enchantress Bolts
Scenes 20-21: Midway City Crisis, Suicide Squad Formation
Scenes 22-23: Katana in the Chinook, Slipknot Mind Games
Scenes 24-25: Eyes of the Adversary, Aftermath of the First Fight
Scenes 26-27: Enchantress's Army, Harley's Smash and Grab
Scenes 28-30: Harley Elevator, Office Building Fight, Flashback Acid Bath
Scenes 31-34: Waller twist, Joker arrives, Harley reunites, Waller is shot down
Scenes 35-38: Harley heartbroken, Enchantress heart fixed, Binder, Bar Scene
Scenes 39-41: Squad strut, Preparing for battle, Enchantress's visions
Scenes 42-43: Incubus battle, Enchantress battle
Scenes 44-45: Saving June, Denouement

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