Justice League Analysis

Justice League, directed by Zack Snyder (WB Pictures, DC Films), written by Chris Terrio and Joss Whedon, story by Zack Snyder and Chris Terrio.
Worldwide Box Office Total: $656 Million

What you need to know from BvS
Preparation: Characters and Questions
Themes and Character Arcs
Full Audio Commentary
Scene 1: Cell Phone Superman
Scene 2: Batman Lures a Parademon
Scene 3: World without Superman
Scene 4: Wonder Woman in London
Scene 5: Bruce and Arthur in Iceland
Scene 6: Bruce and Alfred on the Plane
Scene 7: Barry and Henry Allen
Scenes 8 and 9: Vic and Silas Stone, Howard the Janitor
Scene 10: Steppenwolf on Themyscira
Scene 11: Diana sees the News
Scene 12: Lois and Martha at the Daily Planet
Scenes 13 and 14: Cyborg discovers Batman, Diana discovers the Bat-hanger
Scene 15: Steppenwolf's Failed Invasion
Scene 16: Bruce Wayne meets Barry Allen
Scene 17: Diana on the Batcomputer
Scene 18: Diana Prince meets Victor Stone

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Themes in Justice League

Source: Our own Justice League Universe Podcast

  • Multilateralism: Even the strong can be stronger when they work in collaboration. 
  • How do we deal with loss?
  • Rebirth: Pain and loss can be opportunities for rebirth, becoming something even stronger than you were before.
  • Inspiration is a better form of leadership than fear. 

Source: JL 2017 Comic-Con Sneak Peek
  • The world is worth saving, even if you don't recognize it.
  • It is better to face challenges together rather than alone.

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