Saturday, September 15, 2018

Special Retrospective: Favorite Parts of WONDER WOMAN

This special episode of the Justice League Universe podcast focuses on our favorite parts of Wonder Woman (directed by Patty Jenkins), with submissions from listeners and a special Blake Snyder beat sheet analysis from Sam.

  • Blockbuster formula beat sheet for Wonder Woman (Blake Snyder, Save the Cat!)
  • Favorite Parts of Wonder Woman (starting at 22:30)
    • Rebecca, Sydney, Nick, and Alessandro's Favorite Parts
    • Sam's thoughts on Gregson-Williams' music
    • Justin Nauth - Diana leaving home
    • Mark and Nathan (@DCEUMinute) - Diana's Innocence, Doctor Maru
    • Patrick (@fourstepspainting) and John Carr - No Man's Land
    • Collin Smith (@raptorcollin) and Stuart Little - Diana's characterization
    • Viola Kovacs ( - choosing love
    • Omesh (@PrimeEarthMook) - Steve's sacrifice
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