Sunday, March 26, 2017

Reacting to Justice League Trailer 1

Jason Book and I give our initial thoughts on the Justice League trailer that Warner Brothers released on March 25th, 2017. Justice League is written by Chris Terrio and directed by Zack Snyder.

See the official trailer from Warner Bros:

See a retrospective on Batman v Superman, the movie that set up the Justice League:


  1. Btw, I wonder when you're going to talk again about the "Superman" comic titles. Because I sure want to talk a little about them right now.


    I finally caught up today to the comics and I'm actually really glad that they found a way to bring back the New 52 Superman without getting rid of the classic Superman. I remember how I told you in reddit that I personally would be ecstatic in the event they bring back the New 52 version since that version was my favorite in the comics, and I couldn't be more glad that it finally happened in such a simple manner, it's like the New 52 Superman never died!

    I was kinda expecting that the "Reborn" storyline would be saved for November or December of this year in order to sync with the Cinematic Superman's rebirth, but I'm still glad it happened.

    1. I've been really enjoying Superman and Action Comics in the Rebirth era (and I liked quite a bit of them in the New 52 era, too). I agree that the resolution of Superman Reborn was pretty cool and I think it's the right move for the future of the character(s). Jason and I are back into a routine after his move, so we actually are planning to talk about some more Superman comics. I'm not sure if we'll cover Reborn or if we'll catch in on the next arc, but we should have something up as soon as next week.