Saturday, May 21, 2016

Action Comics 52: Meeting of the Supermen

Jason Book and I discuss Action Comics #52 where the New 52 Superman finally meets the pre-New 52 Superman (who has been featured in Superman: Lois & Clark recently, following Convergence). This is Part 6 in the "Final Days of Superman" story arc.

We enjoyed the issue and we speculate at the end of that video about how things might turn out for Superman in the upcoming Rebirth.

Also, it's not covered in the video above but here are some of my thoughts on the next issue: Superman Wonder Woman 29, which is part 7 of 8 in the "Last Days of Superman" story arc. It was another pretty solid issue from Tomasi. There is still a lot of ground to cover in the 8th issue (Superman #52 this coming week), but S WW 29 featured some great team-up action from Superman (New 52) and Wonder Woman as they threw down with the energy Superman imposter. The other big event was Superman (Pre-New 52) took his Lois and Jonathan to his fortress of solitude and Jonathan finally got to learn the truth about his parents. The big questions still remain, to be addressed in Superman #52: What will be the final fate of Superman (New 52)? What's the full story behind the energy imposter? Is there going to be a hand off of the Superman mantle to the Old School Superman (Pre-New 52)?

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