Friday, October 17, 2014

Review of Justice League 35

I review the latest issue of Justice League (DC Comics, New 52), by Geoff Johns, Doug Mahnke, and Ivan Reis. It's the prologue issue to the new arc, the Amazo virus.

I think the issue gets the story off to a strong start, and it was fascinating to go down into the secret depths of LexCorp. The high-society event at the beginning of the issue also bears a strong resemblance to the scene they are filming for Batman v Superman this week at the Broad art museum in East Lansing, MI. (Note: Michigan State is the alma mater of myself and, more importantly, Geoff Johns.) SPOILERS: an extra reported to local news that Bruce Wayne is in attendance at Luthor's big gathering and Wayne and Luthor get into an altercation. The military is called in.

For reviews of things building up to this issue, here is Forever Evil and also Justice League 34. The big reveal at the end of JL 34 does not really carry forward into 35, but I think it will definitely play a major part in the story arc overall.

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