Friday, April 29, 2016

Superman 51 and Batman Superman 31: Strong Start to the End of the New 52

Jason Book and I discussed the first two issues of "The Final Days of Superman" story arc, by Peter J. Tomasi. (Tomasi is also going to be the new writer on Superman Rebirth.)

We liked the issues a lot and it seems like this is going to be a great story, even if it is the end of the New 52 Superman.

Since recording this video, Action Comics 51 and Superman Wonder Woman 28 have continued the story arc. Those issues are really good, too. In Action, Superman meets back up with Supergirl in National City at the DEO (comics/TV synergy!) and wants her to take over for him as a super protector. Then in S WW we see the state of Superman and Wonder Woman's relationship (they had been dating for a couple years but hit a rough patch in Truth a few months ago) and they also confront the Red fake-Superman and talk to Ulysses again at ARGUS. The arc continues to have good character moments together with rising action and intrigue about the Red Superman and whatever's happening in China.

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