Tuesday, April 5, 2016

DC Films Box Office Success

A lot of people are raising alarm bells about Warner Brothers' Justice League Universe because Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had a steep decline from its first to second weekend. But let's remember that not every film is going to be Star Wars Episode VII. Batman v Superman has already made more than $680 Million in less than two weeks.

Now, I love the Justice League Universe thus far, but I also like the Marvel Cinematic Universe just fine. So this is not meant to bash one in favor of the other, but for a bit of perspective, let me put a few facts right here:
  • Man of Steel ($668 Million), the first movie in the Justice League Universe, made more money than each of the Phase 1 MCU movies except The Avengers.
  • Batman v Superman ($681 Million and rising), the second movie in the Justice League Universe, has already made more money than 7 out of the 12 MCU movies and it should easily surpass Cap 2 and GotG, putting it above 9 out of the 12 MCU movies. The only ones earning more would be The Avengers, Iron Man 3, and Age of Ultron.
So this is a very strong start for WB's shared universe. Looking ahead, the social media buzz for Suicide Squad has been very positive and BvS has greatly increased the anticipation for the Wonder Woman standalone movie next year. It seems to me to be very possible that each of the four WB/DC films leading up to Justice League could make more money than most of the MCU films, and then we'll see if Justice League can perform similar to The Avengers.


  1. Numbers are now in for BvS's second Monday (competing with the NCAA Men's Final). It made $3.19 Million in the U.S. Oh boy, things are so bad it's only running 3% AHEAD of Furious 7 (sarcasm).

  2. Also, Batman v Superman might catch Deadpool's box office total by as early as this weekend, so it is very likely that BvS will surpass every single one of the 8 films in the X-Men universe.