Sunday, December 18, 2016

DC Comics Sales for November 2016

It looks as though, after about 5 months of impressive sales numbers for DC Comics in the DC Rebirth era, things have returned to normal in November. And in the case of physical comic book sales, "normal" means a pretty clear edge for Marvel.

Diamond Comic Distributors:
Marvel is back up to a 38% dollar market share to DC's 26%, with Marvel buoyed by a batch of new #1's (five #1's for Marvel in the top twenty), as is their habit. They also continue to benefit from the Disney acquisition of the Star Wars properties.

On the DC side, Batman continues to be an extremely popular character. The Batman title (Tom King, writing) took the top two spots for the month, and All-Star Batman (Scott Snyder) and the Batman Annual also placed in the top ten. Detective Comics (James Tynion III) also placed two issues in the top twenty, and the other relatively strong sellers were Justice League, The Flash, and Superman. Here is Comichron's complete rundown of the sales numbers:

For a great podcast that helps you keep up on the main character comic books from DC, check out the DC Comics Squadcast.

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