Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Superman 41: Before Truth (part 1)

Jason Book and I review Superman 41 by Gene Luen Yang and John Romita Jr. The art continues to be uneven (putting it politely), but Gene Yang has picked up the reins nicely from Geoff Johns and looks like he has a great "Before Truth" story arc in store for us.

We especially liked the themes of technology and information that Yang is infusing, the presence of the Daily Planet supporting cast, and the continuing exploration of the new super flare power and its repercussions. It doesn't bother us in the least that this "Before Truth" arc is happening along with the other "Truth" stories even though this arc in Superman will explain how Supes came to be outed by Lois. In fact, the parallel chronologies seems to be making for some good storytelling potency.

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