Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Review of Convergence 8

Jason Book and I discuss the full Convergence event from DC Comics.

This event was a bit of a mystery to me. And I don't mean that I was confused by what happened or how it ended... I think I followed that pretty well (SPOILER: Crisis on Infinite Earths originally led to a collapse of the infinite multiverse but now, because of the efforts of Pre-Flashpoint Superman and Parallax, it played out differently and there was no collapse. The complete infinite multiverse still exists, though the universes therein have evolved since Crisis). No, what I was perplexed about was the fact that I really enjoyed the event and many of the tie-ins but when I analyze Jeff King's writing, it is bad on several levels -- bad dialogue, lack of rising action (or extremely rush set-ups), poor payoffs, and a failure to keep an eye on the ball in terms of Brainiac and heroes we connect with. So although I admit this was a poorly executed story, and I nevertheless had a lot of fun going through it in April and May.

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