Sunday, August 30, 2015

Rumors about Justice League movies (SPOILER ALERT)

I am pasting the following for posterity so that I can check back in a few years to see if any of this information turned out to be true. This was posted as purportedly leaked info by redditleaker6307. POTENTIAL SPOILERS BELOW
  • A full screenplay written by Zack Snyder and Chris Terrio is definitely complete and will start filming by April 2016.
  • The film will not feature Brainiac as a villain but instead will have Darkseid as the villain. Darkseid's presence will echo throughout films like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman and Aquaman share a deadly connection to Darkseid's home planet, Apokolips.
  • David S. Goyer's 2014 outline did feature Brainiac ( but ever since his controversial comments, Chris Terrio has taken his position in crafting the DC Extended Universe which may have been the reason of change of Brainiac to Darkseid. Goyer is still involved in some capacity.
  • The script already has Victor Stone as Cyborg as opposed to an origin story. The plan for Cyborg (2020) is suppose to fill in the gaps of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League Part One. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will only feature Victor Stone in a cameo.
  • Nightwing has an appearance in Justice League Part One. Warner Bros already have an actor set for Dick Grayson for multiple pictures.
  • Unsurprisingly, Viola Davis will reprise her role as Amanda Waller in Justice League Part One and Two.
  • Wonder Woman and Aquaman will have a major fight sequence in the film.
  • Thanagar will be a planet destroyed by Darkseid in the film.
  • Superman will be controlled by Darkseid in a scene which will cause the whole Justice League take him down. By the end of the film, Batman will have access to each of the Justice League member's weaknesses because of that event.
  • Vicki Vale will be referenced heavily by Bruce Wayne as a sort of love interest.
  • Gary Sinise is eyed to play General Wade Eiling for JL Part One even though rumors stated him in Suicide Squad.
  • Superman and The Flash have a race in the film.
  • Barry Allen and Victor Stone will be the comic relief of the team as they are younger. A bond between both characters will ensue.
  • The climax will have Flash break the speed force and travel back in time after a major catastrophe.
  • Lois Lane will only have a cameo in the introduction of Superman.
  • The titles for Justice League Part One/Two may change as both films aren't necessarily a continuation of one another.
  • Green Lantern will not be featured in Justice League Part One as Dan Ambroyer will not play Hal Jordan in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice unfortunately but rather an extra. EDIT - Warner Bros is choosing to go with John Stewart as Green Lantern in the Justice League, yet he isn't featured in the finished screenplay. (DEFINITELY take this with a grain of salt), it is a possibility he may be included in Justice League Part Two.
  • Take this with a grain of salt as drafts and outlines as early as this are a subject to change; Justice League Part Two has a four page outline by Snyder written. The outline will feature the return of Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor forming a version of the Secret Society of Villains with villains like Deathstroke and Black Adam with the help of Amanda Waller.
  • ^ Again, take it as a grain of salt but this adds credence to the time when Dwayne Johnson said that Black Adam "will join Justice League," and fight Batman and Superman ( ( It's clear he knows something

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  1. I like the idea of Darkseid in JL part one because it will put Darkseid in theaters (Fall 2017) before Thanos (Summer 2018). Otherwise, I can just hear all the complaints from the general public about DC/WB ripping off Marvel.

    This would continue the DC/WB streak of also having Batman v Superman before Marvel's Civil War in terms of heroes facing off against one another.