Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Comic Haul for September 17 2014

I picked up Justice League: Future's End #1 one-shot (Lemire, Dougherty, Eltaeb). Well, it's supposed to be a one-shot, anyway, but inside it says "Homeworld: Part 2 of 2." So I'll have to figure out what's going on there.

I also grabbed Batman Superman: Future's End #1 one-shot (Pak, Porter). It's not Jae Lee, who is the regular artist for the series, which is unfortunate because Lee's art has been amazing! But I'll give this one a chance, too, because I'm enjoying lots of Batman/Superman stuff these days as I prepare for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. By the way, DC, I'm thankful that you have so many books available for the $2.99 price.

I also snagged some TMNT from IDW because everything related to that series is great, and I picked up a kids' Superman story for my son who is pretty fascinated with the Man of Steel these days. Thanks, Rock Bottom Comics!

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